50′ Flat Car – USAX 39502

Builder:Magor Car Corporation
Original Owner:US Army Transportation Corp.
Capacity:80 Tons
Class:AAR Class FM (general service flatcar)
Acquired by Age of Steam Roundhouse:2011

US Army Transportation Corp flatcar 39502 and many similar cars moved military equipment around the country during the Cold War. Trains of these flatcars carrying tanks, trucks, Jeeps, and other vehicles were common sights on the nation’s railroads.

When 39502 and its sister cars were retired, the US Government donated many of them to tourist railroads and museums around the country. In 2011, Age of Steam Roundhouse Museum acquired 39502 and a larger Army flatcar from another museum. Both cars have been restored in their original 1953 US Army Appearance.

39502 was unveiled to the public with a cargo of historic military vehicles as part of Age of Steam’s first “Steam to Victory” event in July of 2019. The car has also proven useful for storing steam locomotive boiler tubes and flues until they’re needed for boiler repairs.

Modern military equipment – on more modern railroad flatcars – is still frequently shipped around the US by railroads.