Buffalo, Rochester & Pittsburgh 0-6-0 No. 152

Builder:American Locomotive Co. – Brooks Works; Dunkirk, N.Y.
Built:January 1904 as Buffalo, Rochester & Pittsburgh No. 152
Serial Number:#28753
Wheel Arrangement:0-6-0
Driver Diameter:51″
Cylinder Bore x Stroke:20″ x 26″
Boiler Pressure:180 psi
Pulling Power:31,200 lbs. tractive effort
Engine Weight:72 tons
Tender Weight:43 tons
Capacity:Coal – 6 tons; Water – 4,500 gallons

This 0-6-0 switch engine was built for the Buffalo, Rochester & Pittsburgh Railway as No. 152. It was constructed by Alco’s Brooks Works in January 1904, and survives today as the only existing BR&P locomotive. A run-of-the-mill switch engine in most aspects, it is equipped with “inboard” piston valves and Stephenson valve gear, necessitating the somewhat rare angled arrangement.

The Baltimore & Ohio took control of the BR&P in 1932, and 0-6-0 No. 152 became B&O No. 390, and a few years later was renumbered as 1190. When retired from the B&O, it was sold to the Ohio River Sand & Gravel Company at Point Pleasant, West Virginia. When its fires were dropped for the final time, No. 1190 was donated to the city of New Martinsville for display. During 1979 the 0-6-0 was moved to the Mad River and NKP Museum in Bellevue, Ohio, where it languished in pieces and its wood cab rotted away.

In 2008, the museum sold the engine to Scott Symons of Dunkirk, New York. Mr. Symons hoped the engine could be repaired and operated, but those plans never materialized and No. 1190 was sold to the Age of Steam Roundhouse in 2014.

Due to its many years being stored outside, this 0-6-0 and its tender show significant deterioration. It survives today not only as the sole B&O steam switcher, but also as the only existing BR&P locomotive. The engine awaits an in-depth cosmetic restoration, where numerous parts will need to be recreated or replaced.