Bessemer & Lake Erie No. 643

Builder:Baldwin Locomotive Works – Philadelphia, PA.
Serial Number:#70057
Wheel Arrangement:2-10-4 “Texas”
Driver Diameter:64″
Cylinder Bore x Stroke:31”x 32”
Boiler Pressure:250 psi
Pulling Power:96,700 lbs. tractive effort (109,800 lbs. with trailing truck booster engaged)
Engine Weight: 523,600 lbs. (261.8 tons)
Tender Weight:377,740 lbs. (188.87 tons)
Length:112 ft.
Fuel: Coal
Capacity:Coal- 26 tons; water – 23,000 gallons

The Age of Steam Roundhouse Museum (AoSRM) in Sugarcreek, Ohio, is excited and pleased to announce that it has successfully acquired B&LE 643, which is the only remaining 2-10-4 Texas Type steam locomotive of the 47 built for the Bessemer & Lake Erie Railroad.

B&LE 643 is a heavy-haul steam locomotive that was designed and built to move iron ore, coal, and other high-density commodities to and from the Great Lakes region. Built in 1944, the 643 saw an early retirement in 1952 due to the increased introduction of diesels to the Bessemer & Lake Erie’s locomotive roster. Fortunately, the 643 and two other smaller steamers were preserved by the B&LE in its roundhouse in Greenville, Pa.

B&LE 643 will become the largest locomotive in the AoSRM collection. This behemoth is just over 108’ long, stands over 16’ high, and weighs 308.32 tons without coal and water. Add 26 tons of coal, and 23,000 gallons of water, and B&LE 643 tops the scales at 908,720 lbs., or more than 454 tons!

AoSRM founder, Jerry Jacobson, nicknamed B&LE 643, “The King,“ as it is believed to be one of the largest non-articulated steam locomotives in the world. It had been Jerry’s life-long desire to acquire this historic iron giant to restore and display with the other 21 steam locomotives in his collection. The Board of Directors and dedicated Staff at the Age of Steam Roundhouse Museum, are deeply grateful to Glenn Campbell and The Steel City Railway Historical Society for saving B&LE 643 in McKees Rocks, Pa., and for their selflessness, by assuring the locomotive’s long-lived future at the Age of Steam Roundhouse Museum.

The Age of Steam Roundhouse Museum would like to recognize and honor the efforts of The Ernest Stern Family and his son, Rick Stern, of Pittsburgh for their direct and dedicated involvement in the critical phases of restoration of B&LE 643. Their one time ownership, and financial investment in the 643, are responsible for much of the early work performed that has greatly helped its survival for these many years!

The King has arrived!

On January 31, 2024, former Bessemer and Lake Erie Railroad steam locomotive #643 arrived at the Age Of Steam Roundhouse Museum.  With the arrival of the boiler and running gear, the entire locomotive is all together again and fulfills a lifelong dream of our Founder Jerry Jacobson.