Carnegie Steel 0-4-0T Saddletank No. 14

Builder:H. K. Porter – Pittsburgh, Penn.
Built:April 1897
Serial Number:#1726
Wheel Arrangement:0-4-0T
Driver Diameter:31″
Cylinder Bore x Stroke:12″ x 16″
Boiler Pressure:165 psi
Pulling Power:11,800 lbs. tractive effort
Engine Weight:23.5 tons

This diminutive locomotive was constructed by Pittsburgh’s H.K. Porter Company in April 1897 as No. 14 for the Carnegie Steel plant in Cochran, Pennsylvania. It was later transferred to U.S. Steel in Duquesne as that mill’s No. 727. It is believed that its small tender was constructed and added to the 0-4-0T during its duties in Duquesne. When retired from active duty, this privately-owned 0-4-0T was displayed at the Station Square complex in downtown Pittsburgh. After an expansion project pushed it out of Station Square, Fred W. Okie, a retired executive with the Bessemer & Lake Erie Railroad, donated this locomotive to the Borough of Sewickley, Pa. Nicknamed Tom Thumb, this tiny engine was enshrined outdoors in Riverfront Park along with its small locomotive tender and a 4-wheel bobber caboose.

Eventually the Borough grew concerned about the safety of children playing on and around the engine, and decide to find a new home for the little switcher. The Borough did not want this railroad rolling stock to be scrapped, and desired for it to be maintained for historical and cultural preservation. Potential buyers had to agree to purchase all of the railroad equipment, with a collateral promise that nothing would be used for scrap material. Several offers were received, and on November 15, 2013 the Age of Steam Roundhouse was announced as the winning bidder.

Only five days later, the 47,000-pound 0-4-0T was lifted from its display track and loaded onto a lowboy trailer, bound for Ohio. This little lokie has been needle-scaled, repainted and is displayed inside the Roundhouse.