Gondola Car – B&O 451091

Builder:Bethlehem Steel Company
Original Owner:Baltimore & Ohio Railroad
Capacity:70 Tons
Class:AAR Class GS (special service gondola car), B&O Class 0-67a

While the Baltimore & Ohio railroad owned many similar gondola cars, this car was one of a class of only 100 cars fitted with special brackets to attach metal covers which sat on top of the side walls. These covers protected the car’s primary cargo, coiled rolls of sheet steel.

Outliving its owner, 451091’s ownership was transferred to B&O’s corporate successors Chessie System and CSX Transportation. After use in maintenance-of-way service, CSX retired the car and sold it to a private owner in Orrville, Ohio.

Age of Steam Roundhouse Museum added car 451091 to its collection in 2016. After arrival at the Roundhouse, the car was sandblasted, repainted and lettered to its as-built look.