Roundhouse News: Engine #12 Completes First Test Run

Morehead and North Fork 0-6-0 locomotive #12

Age of Steam Roundhouse is proud to announce the first test run of ex-Morehead and North Fork 0-6-0 locomotive #12. The engine made its first moves under steam on July 16, 2018. After slowly building steam pressure in #12’s boiler, crew members shuffled the stout little switch engine back and forth around the roundhouse yard. Prior to this test run, the locomotive had not moved under its own power since the early 1960’s.

Locomotive #12 is Age of Steam’s first complete, FRA compliant steam locomotive restoration. A partial list of repairs that have been made to #12 includes:

  • Multiple patches and replacement rivets in firebox / mudring
  • Renewed rear tube sheet knuckle
  • Renewed all 196 flexible staybolts, sleeves and caps
  • Welded in 4 new Huron-type firebox washout plugs
  • Replaced arch tubes and installed new arch brick
  • Replaced all 292 boiler tubes
  • Straightened and repaired both tube sheets
  • Designed, machined and installed new steam dome lid
  • Replaced steam dome studs
  • Replaced approximately 50% of smokebox
  • Installed newly-cast smoke stack
  • Installed newly-cast blastpipe
  • Completed all FRA Form 4 calculations
  • Inspected and cleaned driver journals
  • Rebuilt grease cellars
  • Inspected and repaired Stephenson Valve gear and slide valves
  • Repaired and chrome-plated slide valves
  • Replaced valve and piston packing
  • Inspected, cleaned and repaired side rods and crank pins
  • Inspected, cleaned and repaired all appliances, valves, water glasses, tri-cocks, and throttle
  • Built all-new welded tender tank (complete with faux rivet heads) and installed on existing tender frame

#12 is a 1905 product of the American Locomotive Company’s Pittsburgh Works. Built as #1643 for the Southern Railway, the engine later gained considerable fame on Kentucky’s Morehead and North Fork Railroad. There, it continued in freight service long after the M&NF’s larger contemporaries had retired their steam locomotives. The Age of Steam Roundhouse acquired the engine in 2011.

Locomotive #12 performed well during this initial test run, but some additional adjustments will be necessary. Further testing and fine-tuning will continue over the coming weeks and months.

Thank you for your continued interest in the Age of Steam Roundhouse.