Bessemer & Lake Erie #643 Reproduction Builder’s Plate

Age of Steam Roundhouse Museum Builder's Plate Reproduction for #643:

This painted builder’s plate reproduction for our Bessemer & Lake Erie #643 (serial #70057) was cast with assistance from its lost sibling #647 (serial #70061). This plate is cast out of aluminum, weighs just shy of 2 lbs., measures 9" in diameter with about 3/4" thickness, and has been painted with a black primer. For anyone who is a fan of the B&LE, a builder’s plate collector, or a railfan in general, we have no doubts that you would enjoy having a representative from our "King" in your personal collection. First photo is of the front of the plate, head on. Second photo shows the thickness of the plate. Third photo is of the back of the plate. Fourth photo is of the #643 itself.

All proceeds from sales go towards furthering the mission of the Age of Steam Roundhouse Museum and our future restoration and education operations.


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