Canadian National 2-6-0 No. 96

Builder:Canadian Locomotive Company, Ltd. – Kingston, Ontario
Serial Number:#937
Wheel Arrangement:2-6-0 Mogul
Driver Diameter:63″
Cylinder Bore x Stroke:21″ x 26″
Boiler Pressure:170 psi
Pulling Power:26,300 lbs. tractive effort
Engine Weight:70.9 tons
Tender Weight:64 tons
Capacity:Coal – 10 tons; Water – 5,200 gallons

Built by the Canadian Locomotive Company in 1910, 2-6-0 No. 1024 was one of a series of the small engines purchased by the Grand Trunk Railway of Canada. These lightweight locomotives could be found at work all across Canada, but were used mostly on branch lines on the prairies with gentle grades and short trains. The engine went through a series of identity changes during its career, first being renumbered No. 926 by the GTR. In 1923, the GTR merged with the Canadian National Railway, becoming CN No. 96.

After retirement, No. 96 was purchased F. Nelson Blount for his growing Steamtown tourist operation in Vermont. Number 96 was not operated, but instead used as a source of spare parts to keep Blount’s other engines under steam. When Steamtown prepared to move to its new home in Scranton, Pennsylvania, No. 96 was deemed surplus to the collection and sold to Horst Muller of Canada. The locomotive languished in Brantford, Ontario for many years.

In 1994 No. 96 was purchased by Jerry Jacobson who moved it to his Ohio Central Railroad System. While unlikely to be returned to operation, this venerable 2-6-0 is an important piece of the Age of Steam collection.